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Parapraxis: Suite I (Clio)

November 23, 2022
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Today I re-released an EP I originally wrote and recorded back in 2012 for a game I was working on with my game studio Third Nerve.

At the time, we were all students and had very little experience with game development. We had something resembling a game, but it wasn't anywhere near suitable for an alpha release. More importantly, we weren't sure when it would be. Since the only thing I knew how to ship was music, I wrote this EP in order try and build a bit of excitement.

I remember taking these small zine-like booklets with some concept art and download codes for the EP to a Brighton game festival. I gave one to Peter Molyneux and tracked his code for weeks before conceding that he'd probably never download it. Not sure if he ever did.

Although the game was one of the first to be approved on Steam Greenlight, like many at the time... we never actually finished it. We did manage an alpha with a few levels and multiplayer support, took it to some game festivals and things, but ultimately didn't quite make it to the finish line.

I guess my ideal of releasing the game with a 'pay what you can afford' scheme didn't really fund our efforts and the real-life career stuff eventually got in the way. Sadly there was never really an end - we just gradually disbanded.

Since we did this first though, the EP survives!

On a personal note - I think this is the only music I've ever written that people actually paid for 😅 (thanks Bandcamp). I seem to remember making $7 and being thrilled. In fact, I'm still thrilled. Someone even reviewed it!

Propuesta Cultural: The work of this multi-instrumentalist suggests not only passion and discipline, but a musical language accessible to all.

Anyways, here it is, 10 years later with a slightly better master.

P.S., although most were never released, I wrote a tonne of songs for the to-be game. One other song survived and made it out as 'From Parapraxis' which I recorded as a music video with Latent Signal. You can watch it here!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to reach out to me (@MorrisonCole) if you have corrections, suggestions, comments, etc.

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